Wednesday, December 01, 2004

This is a very bizarre building in Kobe. It looks a bit like a church that someone left the the builders going on while they had a cup of tea and then then forgot about them and suddenly had to rush back to get them started on the roof, but it was too late and it turned out all wierd.

In fact it is a church, of sorts. We went into the amazing entrance hall with curved staircases and frescoed roof, and couldn't resist taking the lift (complete with new york-style arrow showing the current floor) up to the 12th floor, where there was a wedding going on! And a tiny chapel and outdoor bit in the roof. It must cost an absolute fortune to get married there.

The lower floors were mostly function rooms I think, but we didn't dare be even more nosy.
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Anonymous said...

Who did you have this exciting adventure with?


Alex said...

This was with Elaine, a friend from Geneva who is living in Kobe for a few months working for A Very Well Known Multinational Corporation.

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