Sunday, December 19, 2004

OK, how about we test the interactivity of this internet thingy. I have a moral dilemma of a slightly delicate nature for my faithful reader(s?) to help me with.

Now on several occasions so far I have been asked "So what do you think of Japanese girls then?". Sadly the questioner was not flicking back her jet black hair and fixing me with an impish yet inviting grin. No, the question was usually posed by someone with more Y chromosomes, a conspiratorial smile and a metaphorical dig in the ribs, and sometimes by translation.

Can you suggest an appropriate, witty yet easily understandible for the linguistically challenged, response? Not that there aren't many fine young (and not so young) ladies around, but I don't wish to associate myself with those who have fled to the far east in search of an escape from the evils of feminism and a wifelet who won't answer back. Nor do I wish to encourage the chauvinistic (in several senses) idea that Japan has a monopoly on feminine charms.

I could of course reply by looking the questioner deeply in the eyes and saying "well actually I prefer boys", but not only would that not be true (sorry chaps!), but I think it would risk causing some unfortunate misunderstandings.

So whoever suggests the most pithy response which succeeds in preserving both my principles and masculinity gets the satisfaction of knowing that it will undoubtedly be put to good use.


Anonymous said...

How about: "Well I certainly rather fancy your wife"

Alex said...

Heh, heh. That might also cause some unfortunate misunderstanding. What's the Japanese for "would you like to step outside and settle this properly, mate?"

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