Thursday, December 02, 2004


I felt my first (very small) japanese earthquake about 11.30pm last night (sorry, no news link, I think it was not important enough). Apparently it was centred on Kyoto, but there was very little damage.


Anonymous said...

How big was it on the richter scale? And have you learnt what you should do if there is a proper one? (very important)


Alex said...

It was not so big, not sure how many on the Richter scale, but I think 3 on the japanese scale, whatever that is. I have a book of useful earthquake tips though. Don't try to escape by car, it only leads to traffic jams!

Anonymous said...

I went to see Earthquake! in the cinema a week ago. They had sensurround sound (very rumbly), threw paper rocks at us and squirted us with water.

As we left the cinema, the foyer furniture was upside down with trapped silly moustachioed actors clamouring for help. Oh, and dry ice.

Quite fun :)


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