Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I'll be back home for the holidays, from around the 23rd to the 4th of January. It'll be good to see people.

Weirdest food yet!

Weirdest food yet!, originally uploaded by alexybeetle.

My boss refers to this as 'eggs of male cod'. I think no further explanation is needed.

Yes I ate it!

Monday, December 05, 2005

More proof that Japan is still living in the 1950s


This is a real sign for a bar on a busy street in Kyoto. Could you get away with that anywhere in Europe or America? Posted by Picasa

Sacred and profane


...especially not with this chap bellowing instructions at you. Posted by Picasa

Quiet contemplation? Not likely.


If you think buddhist temples would be havens of tranquility, then you'll be rather disappointed. Posted by Picasa

Moss and stuff

 Posted by Picasa

Momiji on step

 Posted by Picasa

Very red aren't they?

 Posted by Picasa

More autumnal colour


The bright red maple trees are different variety from the Canadian ones, the leaves are much smaller. I don't think they produce good syrup, either. Posted by Picasa

Swishing bamboo trees behind temple

 Posted by Picasa

Autumn leaves in Kyoto


Near Tofukuji, sorry I can't remember the name of this temple. You can pray to be spared from senility here though. Posted by Picasa
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