Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Watch out!

I'm not sure what to make of this, but fortunately I deal with teeny weeny pieces of superconductor. Some of my friends like playing with Uranium though.

Pair production in superconductors
Authors: J. E. Hirsch
Comments: better safe than sorry - experimentalists please take note
Subj-class: Superconductivity; Strongly Correlated Electrons

We show that an alternative theory of superconductivity recently proposed (theory of hole superconductivity) leads to the surprising consequence that real electron-positron pair production will occur for superconductors larger than a critical size. We discuss the expected magnitude of the effect and suggest experimental ways to verify it. Urgent attention to the possibility of harmful gamma-radiation being emitted from superconductors out of equilibrium is called for.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

Europe trip - rundown.

In summary, I had a great time on my trip to Europe. Saw lots of friends, learnt lots of new stuff about physics - I am starting to understand what NMR results mean now!

The conference was a great success, at least for me. I got lots of nice comments about my talk, and the funky animations definitely helped (and I don't mean powerpointish tomfoolery, but proper physics, though I don't know how to post them here).

Not only that but I also got offered a job at A Very Well Known British University, so it's now up to me not to mess that up! Looks like I'll finally be back in blighty after nearly seven years! I hope I will still be able to get the jokes!

Our final night's entertainment in Vienna. My hasn't she got big hands! Posted by Picasa

After. Yummmm. Posted by Picasa

Before. Posted by Picasa

Creepy old man who takes pictures of young women dancing. Every self-respecting nightclub should have one. Posted by Picasa

The "Queen Mum". Gin and Tonic of course, with a slice of cucumber. Posted by Picasa

Cultural exchange! (Or mutual appreciation of alcohol as its otherwise known). Posted by Picasa

Fortunately you can't see the red wine stains on my trousers from this distance. Posted by Picasa

Vienna - the conference banquet held in the magnificent Wien Rathaus. Posted by Picasa

We had a very reasonably priced (and delicious) dinner here after the baths, believe it or not. Posted by Picasa

Hotel Gellert baths. There are lots more tourists than when I was last here in 1998 (?). And they don't make you wear those wierd loincloth thingys when you go into the men's bit anymore, thankfully. Posted by Picasa

The danube, and parliament building. Posted by Picasa

This is inside a cathedral. Nice eh? Posted by Picasa

More Budapest Posted by Picasa

Sunset in Budapest Posted by Picasa

Annecy festival. Posted by Picasa

Annecy festival. Singing shoes. Posted by Picasa

Annecy, as seen by pedalo. Posted by Picasa

Wisdom is passed down the generations. Posted by Picasa

Cheese and wine party on the Bastille. Posted by Picasa

Grenoble 2

Clash of the titans.


Here is the student residence we were staying in. Half way up the mountain with quite a slog to get to but spectacular views!
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