Monday, June 18, 2007

Good News

I got the Job! I will be working in St Andrews from October!


Anonymous said...


Are you going to get a country house and commute in your Land Rover discovery?

Quick. Buy this place:


LynL27 said...

¡Hola hola caracola!

thought I would return the compliment and post something on your blog.

Yep having lotsa fun here, hope everything is still going swimmingly in Japan. Congrats on the job, am really pleased for you. Bet you're not looking forward to the "reverse culture shock" though! I know I'm not!!!

¡Besos y hasta luego!

kit said...

I think Jim maybe taking the p*ss
but you do need to find a big enough place for your cousins to visit!

Anonymous said...

Dream Home was sold for £200,000!

Fantastic deal - with all its original fittings.


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