Thursday, April 28, 2005

It seems to be sports time at the moment. Our lab is rolling in beer tokens after doing respectably well in the inter-group volleyball, tennis, bowling and softball tournaments. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Did you compete Alex? Bet you had a mean rounders arm.

I've been playing tennis quite a lot. As usual though, however much I play, the friends I play with improve too. I'll never catch up.


Alex said...

I played volleyball, bowling and softball. I was not terribly good though, and my arm is still aching from softball yesterday, along with the sunburn.

Everyone is way better at bowling than me though, they have a competition twice a year, and I think it was the third time in my life I had ever played. I did by amazing fluke manage to get a turkey (three strikes in a row), which mean I didn't get the lowest score out of everyone, only about the 5th lowest!

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