Sunday, February 06, 2005

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

Real ale! In Japan! Who'd a thunk it?


Ben said...

That's very nice Alex. Real ale, mmm. However, you are letting your Lewes roots down quite considerably by drinking the evil brew that is Greene King. When the Lewes Arms is finally forced to stop selling Harveys you'll just have to pray that the locals don't realise it's all your fault.

Alex said...

Yes, I know, I did feel a pang of guilt at that, and I was careful to explain to my drinking companion the moral ambiguity with which we were imbibing this brew. However, given my East Anglian links, I felt a certain nostalgia, and I think anything which can be done to convince producers of fine ale that there is a market for their product abroad is a good thing. We can't leave it all to the Belgians!

Anonymous said...

Do you know Who woulda thunk it? by Greg Brown? Always brings a smile when I hear it.


Alex said...

Hi there Jim,

No, but thanks to the magic of the internet and http://www.allmusic.comI just listened to the first 24 seconds! Good stuff!

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